All Eyes on Maria Ryabushkina’s Knockout Naked Body

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Mitch Jablonski - May 1, 2019

Despite having a seemingly unpronounceable surname, Maria Ryabushkina is the kind of chick you don't forget, especially once you see her knockout naked body! There's an easy way to remember her last name, however, one which I've come up with over the last few hours of wrestling with it. Here goes...

Remember Ryu from Street Fighter? Okay, so the first part is very similar, Rya, followed by a word none of us will ever forget, bush. So far we've got Rya-bush, and then you have kina, which is kind like Kino and kinda like Piña from Piña Colada, so it's easy enough to remember. Rya-bush-kina. Easy, peazy, lemon squeezy.

Okay, so it's still not an easy name to remember, and my hints require you making several leaps in logic, but you get the point. When there's a hot naked woman like Maria Ryabushkina around, you invent ways to remember her name. You don't want to forget it, especially in a pinch when things are getting close to crunch time. You want to be able to pull out the name Maria Ryabushkina at the drop of a hat. Take some time to practice, you'll get it eventually.

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