Alison Brie As an 80’s Pro Wrestler Seems Like a Decent Bet

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Lex Jurgen - March 3, 2017


Netflix is going to win June by releasing its throwback women's professional wrestling series G.L.O.W., starring Alison Brie as a struggling actress who turns to low rent professional grappling. The series is based upon the low rent 80's TV show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling featuring chicks in Hollywood wrestling one another to pay the rent money before Starbucks was a franchise. Back in the days when "Palestina" was the obvious terrorist character and nobody complained. So much better.

The new Netflix series is from Jenji Kohan who previously made Weeds and is still making Orange is the New Black and some other women who've made Nurse Jackie and other award winning chick shows for pay cable. These series provide examples of how entertainment content for women by women don't have to make male viewers fumble around to ensure their gonads remain intact. They're shows about troubled women that don't insist that all the men be shitty subjugators. Funny, but with a chance for the ladies to cry. There's nothing wrong with that, in private, with the door closed, and not during important ball games. 

It's amazing that network television still exists with the fare produced by streaming services and premium cable channels. When's the last time your buddy noted that show he's DVRing on CBS? You can't have friends who are binge watching Chicago Fire. 

Photo Credit: GQ Brazil 

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