Aliona Vilani Almost Loses Her Bikini Bottoms As Our Prayers Almost Answered on Miami Beach

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bill-swift - January 30, 2013

There's a good chance you're not a fan of the Britty popular dance show, Strictly Come Dancing, which means you've likely not heard of Russian dancer, Aliona Vilani, who is big time in dancing circles, and almost became big time on vacation in Miami Beach as she attempted one of the fast becoming popular string bikini re-ties in public along the sandy shores.

Now, we most definitely condone the re-tying of bikini bottoms (and tops) as often and as daring as possible by people of the female persuasion, most especially those with faptasically style bodies, perfected by years of Paso Doble and dance pants sweating. Close, but no cigar. But we still puffed watching Aliona. Enjoy.


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