Alina Boyko Booty In Thong For Scorching Hot Bikini Sales

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bill-swift - July 8, 2015

Alina Boyko is selling bikinis. She's going to sell a lot of bikinis. This happy go lucky and all kinds of hot body plucky model is going to get a lot of units sold. I'm already sold. 

Featured in this catalog run for iShine365, the Miami based bikini factory to hot women everywhere, Alina shows off the rather complicated skills of a world class bikini model. Step one, be incredibly good looking. Step two, a perfect boobtastic sweet bikini body. Step three, smile and toss the hair a bit. Check, check. and check. Alina is set for a skyrocketing career. Life is less difficult when you're wicked hot. As nature intended. Now, which ones to order... enjoy.

Photo Credit: iShine365