Aliens: Colonial Marines Kicks Off Developer Diary Series (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 2, 2012

As a game that's been in and out of development for many years now, Aliens: Colonial Marines will surely benefit from a rich, behind-the-scenes developer diary series. Preemptively explaining and showing some of the "hows" and "whys" of creating an Aliens game is a good way to erase all of the questions about why it's taken so long and why we need to just stay excited about what's to come.

Aliens is a beloved movie franchise that's gotten awfully long in the tooth now and there's still no established video game franchise to go with it. The Halo series has captured much of what made that James Cameron film special. That feeling of unleashing dozens of automatic rounds into a savage enemy in the hopes that the next one, surely, will be the one to bring it down is key to the movie and should be key to any video game that claims the Aliens legacy. Like Halo showed us, there's no health bar draining on the bad guy as you hit him with four, five or six bullets in this scenario. It's the underlying sense of hope and trust in your gear that made watching Ripley and those space marines so compelling.

This first diary focuses on the alien creatures themselves but you'll still get a glimpse or two of combat.

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