Alicia Vikander Will Play Laura Croft

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michael-garcia - April 29, 2016

The news is officially in and Alicia Vikander is your new Laura Croft. There were rumors that Daisy Ridley and Emilia Clarke were up for the role of the big-boobed adventurer but the studio settled on Vikander. Who the hell is that, you may ask? If you've seen Ex Machina she played the cyborg girl. She was also in The Danish Girl for which she won an Oscar and will be in Jason Bourne, or rather Jason Bourne will be in her. But I digress. In the early 2000's the part of Laura Croft was famously played by Angelina Jolie in a couple of very bad movies. As I have said many times adapting video games into movies rarely works out for anyone. Not only do the movies usually suck ass but they don't usually make much money. Maybe this Laura Croft will be an amazing film.

Somehow I doubt it. That's nothing on Vikander, she's a fine actress. But you can't turn a game where 90% of the time you are running around a ruin into a 90 movie and make it not suck.