Alicia Arden Bravely Roundly Transforms Into Leelo at Comic-Con

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bill-swift - July 14, 2015

Comic-Con is many things. Some of them simply related to the sharp sense of smell related to tens of thousands of nerds all assembled in one place believing that Thor never took showers, so why should they. On the flip side, the annual event in San Diego mid-summer encourages the cosplay best in all of us, and, more importantly, the sextastic celebrities young and old, to get a little wiggy with it.

Take for instance Forties and Faptastic Alicia Arden. The former soap actress decided what the heck, Comic-Con is as good a place as any to get my Fifth Element Leelo on, so she made for a rapid change of costumes, all while barely hiding from the multitude of cameras at the venue simply to catch cosplayers changing into their geek guise. And Alicia could barely contain herself, and or her buxom bosom she maneuvered into just the thin strands of 'don't get arrested for public nudity' bandages of the Leelo look. How many nerds exactly were forced to flock into the basement in search of the communal lotion bottle is unclear. But, Alicia, well-played. Show them no mercy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

I shall never forget when Alicia took her her bikini top in our honor. So much better than a Hallmark thank you card.