Alicia Arden Changes In And Out Of Her Stringy Bikini In Venice

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bill-swift - March 10, 2016

I've seen some interesting bikinis in my time, but the stringy contraption worn by Forties and Faptastic former soap star Alicia Arden may just be the craziest. By the way, when I say I've seen a few, I mean about 50,000, just for reference sake. I'm an expert witness in the area of thongs, asstastic, and celebrity bikinis, often testifying in cases in Moldovan courtrooms. Alicia Arden set a new standard for complex thumper meshing on the bottom of her swimsuit number she was changing into at the beach in Venice.

Alicia is another one of our veteran celebrities who decided in their 40's, hey, I've still got it, so why don't I flaunt it? Why not indeed. Alicia certainly isn't going to get rushed for autographs by rabid fans any longer, but as for this humble blogger, I'd spot her keester side from a mile away, especially strung up like a rump roast for the oven. I appreciate your exhibitionism, Alicia. And if nobody else, isn't that enough? Now, about all that sand you invariably have stuck up in your nether regions, might I recommend my velvet covered tweezer service? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash