Alias Cancelled

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bill-swift - November 24, 2005

ABC has finally made a smart move involving Alias. The show is being cancelled, and will go off the air at the end of this season, reports Yahoo! News. After five years, it has become clear that Alias is not the show it used to be. The circular plots and changing alliances have gotten so repetetive and mind-numbing, that it's becoming a chore to keep watching. Which guys are good? Which guys are bad? Which guys are dead? Does anyone care anymore? The show really has become a broken record of late, and it looks like the addition of Rachel Nichols just couldn't help save the failing series. ABC has said, however, that the show will be going out with a big ending, rather than slowly wrapping everything up. I guess that's enough to keep me watching until the end, but honestly, I just want to see who gets killed. It better be everybody. We don't need no spin-offs.

Here's hoping Rachel Nichols gets a new show next year. More pics after the jump.