Ali Lohan Pink Plunging For Coldplay Concert

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michael-garcia - August 22, 2016

Lindsay's little sister Ali Lohan was spotted at a Coldplay concert wearing a revealing dress with a plunging neckline. It also seems that Ali forgot to wear a bra to the Coldplay concert. Maybe she was trying to impress Chris Martin now that he's single. Either way the effect is amazing. Ali takes after her sister and mother in that she has truly tremendous ta-tas. They are large and and lovely. You see all kinds of cleavage in these pics. I think, as attractive as Lindsay is looking these days, that Ali kind of has her beat. She also seems a little more together than poor Lindsay. Not that I'd kick either of them out of bed, I'm just saying one is definitely more with it. 

I can't believe she wasted those delicious melons on Coldplay. They won't appreciate it them like another band would have. They are too busy whining. 


Photo Credit: Splash