Ali Larter Pregnancy Pictures Force Me To Explain the Birds and Bees (VIDEOS)

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bill-swift - August 25, 2010

These Ali Larter pregnancy pictures, wherein, let's face it, she's a pretty damn hot soon-to-be-mama, force me to have to tell you about where babies come from. That's right, they come from movie sex. I haven't quite narrowed it down completely, but I think I have two potential possibilities for movie sex baby making daddies. The first, a clip from Three Way, where Ali Larter clearly looks to be in movie baby making position; the second, from Crazy, where, again, yep, this is where babies come from.

The real point of this post -- why are all my Egotastic! girlfriends getting knocked up and why am I never asked to help out?

First, my dear Ali Larter, all knocked up and still sexy:

And, now, onto where movie babies come from.

Watch the Clips:

Photo credit: INF Photo / GSi media