Alexis Ren Wet Hot and Without Clothes in Bora Bora

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bill-swift - April 14, 2017

Alexis Ren is a thing of beauty. And when that thing of beauty takes off her clothes, she becomes a thing of legendary allure and prurient fantasy inducement. Which is better than beauty, if you're taking notes for the final exam.

The slender hot young model was mostly naked on the isle of Bora Bora for a shoot by Kim Akrich that ought go down in your libidinal files, but on the desktop where you can access them often and easily. Her fine female form all wet and moistened by one lucky body of water lapping over her goodness.

Kind of makes you jealous of Neptune, not to mention the towel boy who gets to dry her off between rounds of shooting. As if I didn't apply to that job under a false name so my rap sheet couldn't be pulled up. I had my therapy dog ready to go for the flight. Any more rejection and I might start believing there's a conspiracy. Alexis, take me on your next vacation. You should have room in your bag since you bring no tops. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kim Akrich