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aldo-vallon - October 16, 2017

 I do not know if it is that man's sole job to be a support beam for Alexis Ren to practice her stretches on, but I know my teenage self would have taken it in a heartbeat. God knows I had worse jobs growing up. Most of my youth was spent as a glorified janitor and landscaper, compared to that being a support beam for Alexis would be like becoming a professional athlete. I suppose it is a good thing I did not attain that job when I was younger, it would have probably killed all my ambition for the future. Who would need a better job when the one they already have requires a world class model to hang on them while they demonstrate their stretches? Having that job would even take care of my need to make a Christmas card every year, and what would be better than having a job that taes my picture for me. And isn't that the dream really? Being paid to do all the little things you are required to do in life? That is my main motivation for moving my bowels while I am on the clock at work, because otherwise it is just wasted time.


Photo Credit: Instagram