Alexis Ren Hot Tan Lined Revelation

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bill-swift - May 31, 2016

Alexis Ren isn't just hot, she's crazy alluring. I feel like I've known her forever but she's just nineteen so lawfully I've only been thinking the way I'm currently thinking for just over a year now. No comment. The blonde California model has been climbing the charts of the non-traditional, do-it-yourself, hustle for gigs modeling ranks by leaps and bounds the past eighteen-months. No fancy French gigs, just tons of wicked hot clothing and photo sessions with snappers uch as Trever Hoehne who have magically captured her insane sextastic.

You know when I see tanlines on a ridiculously hot blonde woman I begin to mutter to myself in tongues. It's completely reflexive. Peek at Alexis in these barely covered bits of visual wonderment and tell me if you don't start feeling like the need to do something unusual. No, private time in the bathroom isn't unusual, though not a bad place to start. Alexis, you float my boat, then sink it, then blow it back up and make it turgid again. That's a horrible metaphor, but you get my point. I lust you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Trever Hoehne