Alexis Ren Beach Bunny Bikini Booty and Boobtastic Combo

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bill-swift - February 14, 2017

Alexis Ren takes my breath away. And that shut down process doesn't begin with my respiratory organs. It's more of an all over feeling of feint seeing the young model turned self-made social media and bikini star baring her sweet body for the love of oglers and pimping swimwear companies.

In this case, Beach Bunny bikinis, which has the good sense to hire smoking hot young women to model their wears. Can you really tell one bikini design from another? No, you can not. But the women beneath the bikinis, that's where the marketing genius comes in. Alexis Ren, you've sold me on six pair. I sort of demand the pair you're currently wearing. I like floor models. Though I would prefer if you simply handed them to me. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Beach Bunny Swimwear