Alexis Ren Amazing Bikinis For Planet Blue

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bill-swift - March 22, 2016

A slender blonde hottie. A camera. One bikini, or less. That's all you need to make magic. So so simple. Why do people always muck things up with unnecessary complication? I know it's human nature, though my own tends toward the direct and uncluttered view of sextastic young model Alexis Ren who invades my heart right through my path of least resistance. You can guess the path. This isn't anatomy class.

Alexis is currently using her skinny hot body for model bikinis for Planet Blue. Blue as in the color of your... you get the picture. Alexis is one of those new wave of au naturally alluring models who are putting forward organically honed beauty over heavy duty enhancements and covering costumes and makeup. Nothing dramatic here save for the most dramatic thing in life -- hot women. Oh, please, let me order the bikini samples used in the production of this catalog work. For charitable purposes naturally. Trust me, I'm in need. Alexis, you are so fine I want to make you my four ex-wife someday. The one where we're married in Vegas on Friday, locked in the hotel room Saturday, and divorced on Sunday. There's no reason marriage can't be beautiful again. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Planet Blue