Alexandra Rodriguez Sporting Pink And Blue Two Piece

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aldo-vallon - December 8, 2017

 I would like to make a motion that Alexandra Rodriguez be the one to carry on the A-Rod moniker. I say this not only because I would like to take a trip around the bases with her, but because I have never been a fan of the Yankees. Being reminded of them every time someone asks me to hand them a rod is like having sand thrown in my eyes. It happens more often than one might think, and it hurts every time.

From time to time I even fall to the ground crying and clutching my eyes. It does not do much for my reputation as a man, but that was shot to hell years ago when I mistook the Wonder Woman costume for Superman and wore it to school. I claimed it was a mistake at least, and I am sticking to it. Remember folks, if you are going to lie you need to make sure to see it through to the end, otherwise what's the point? You might as well just skip town and start a new life right then and there.  

Photo Credit: Splash News