Alexandra Eriksson Thong Clad Beach Booty Pictures Day Two; Hint, They’re Getting Even Better!

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bill-swift - November 20, 2014

I've pretty much decided my new life's mission is to find out everything I can find out about model Alexandra Eriksson and use it to forge some type of hopefuly gambit wherein she believes I'm worthy of her affections. I mean, I certainly am worthy in my own mind, it's just a matter of translating that to meaningful progress in a relationship involving more than just myself. Daddy's arm is getting so so tired.

For the second day in a row, the booty incredible beachy model hit the beach for the creepy water company people in but a tiny thong bikini flashing a sextastic cheek view we didn't think could get any finer. But it did. I'm not sure whether Alexandra was born with that perfectly pert derriere or she has molded it from countless hours of hard work, dedication, and the laser beam leering of men like me at the gym. Either way, bravo. I mean, seriously, bravo, that thing is absolutely amazing. Enjoy.