Alexandra Daddario Booty Shorts For “Baywatch”

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bill-swift - March 8, 2016

Baywatch continues to plague our minds in terms of how craptastic the movie is certain to be measured against the beach bodies in swimsuits and tight little outfits we keep seeing on set during the filming. Asstastic in point, Alexandra Daddario of True Detective topless fame took her turn on set in some super tight little booty shorts for her own body starring scenes. Oh, my. That there is one fine tight thumper. Irresistible if you will.

Throw in a tankini top for the fast rising sextastic thespianic and you have the makings of watching this film in slow motion with tiny giggles escaping your tracheal unit as you hope nobody walks in through the door unexpectedly. Maybe that's the 'watch' in Baywatch. As this visual wonderment beach movie continues to roll, I become increasingly torn as to my desire to see this film next year. Why couldn't they put these same luscious bodied ladies into a strong movie? I think we need a hashtag for that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews