Alex Morgan Bikini Volleyball Butt Puts the Leopard Bottoms to the Test

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bill-swift - December 22, 2012

Well, just when we were slopping with joy over the new paddleboarding craze and how we get to see sextastic celebrities like Alex Morgan athleticizing themselves in bikinis on the water in hot poses, along comes day two of Alex's Hawaiian vacation and some bikini beach volleyball to remind us that the sandy roundball is still the king, err, queen of the hot female visuals.

At first sight of Alex's toned bottom in her leopard print, we felt a little growl in the loinal sections of the body, a few more bent over, taut, and muscle-firing poses from Alex and that turned into a full-on roar. Oh, happy days when our soccer hottie hits the beach to expand her sporting extracurriculars. It truly is the season of giving. Enjoy.