Alessandra Ambrosio Sweaty Yoga Workout Peeks

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bill-swift - October 2, 2013

I've come to realize that my new favorite workout routine is simply watching the stretching, preening, and muscling of some of the hottest sextastic celebrities. I don't have to sweat so much and I still feel the blood coursing through my veins like I've been really working hard.

Take for example Alessandra Ambrosio. You simply don't get a hot mom body just by wishing for it. Trust me, I wish for hot mom bodies every evening and they never seem to appear in my boudoir. Alessandra works it with the yoga and Pilates so popular in Hollywood. We too must do our part. By ogling her sextastic legs and applauding her strenuous routine. Without it, our world would be a little less hot. We can't have that. You go, Alessandra. We're counting on you. Enjoy.