Alessandra Ambrosio Starts Off 2018 With A Tiny Pink Bikini

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aldo-vallon - January 3, 2018

 From here it looks like Alessandra Ambrosio has a flower pattern on that bikini, but I would prefer to inspect it more closely before rushing to that conclusion. Sometimes these clothing designs can be pretty confusing. This one time I thought I saw a dress with a bunch of vaginas printed all over it. As it turns out it was only an innocuous design of filigree. How was I supposed to know? Am I supposed to carry my eye glasses around with me everywhere I go, because that seems like a real hassle. I know my grandma would appreciate it though.

She was not happy with me for asking her about that dress at her husband's funeral. Apparently there is a time and place for asking those sorts of questions, and a funeral is not one of them. That doesn't make sense to me because if I were to wear a suit with dicks printed all over it I would want someone to tell me about before any pictures are taken. But I guess I am just the only person with some class in my family.



Photo Credit: Splash Newsi

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