Alessandra Ambrosio Ridiculously Tight Yoga Pants After Workout

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aldo-vallon - May 3, 2018

Would someone please tell Alessandra to get off the phone? Dozens of people are injured every year due to walking and texting. In most of those cases the injuries are not severe, they just run into a tree or get hit by a car, but in Alessandra’s case that would be a disaster. Her face could get scratched, or she could get road rash on her perfect ass. That would be a tragedy. I don’t even want to think about it. Let those statistics apply to ugly nameless people, like they were always meant to.

I suppose when you have a body that won’t quit there goes along with it a certain level of hubris. Maybe Alessandra thinks she could walk through any tree that sprouts up in her path, or withstand any car that dares try to plow through her. Usually I would say that is an arrogant notion, but judging by the state of her thighs I am beginning to think she actually stands a chance.

She probably could not defeat a truck or old Cadillac, but I bet she could take a Fiat. Those things have a hard enough time going uphill with a headwind.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News