Alessandra Ambrosio Naughty Dark and Hot in Edgy Photoshoot

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bill-swift - August 30, 2012

As you know, I'm perhaps the world's worst gambler, but can almost guarantee you that we'll be seeing Alessandra Ambrosio in the top MILF type categories for the 2012 Egotastic! Hotness Awards come later this year, because not only has Alessandra Ambrosio transitioned ever so hotly into mommy land, but she has taken on an entirely new, outgoing, spirited, and all around flirty wicked hot persona of her own that has increased her passion inducing level by a factor of approximately 5.7.

In a new evening-wear meets tiger-mama photoshoot of Alessandra by Shannon Greer, the Victoria's Secret model puts the ow in meow as she preens and bends for the camera and makes faces that might just send tingles down your frontside spine. It's alluring alright. Even with far too many clothes on. Enjoy.