Alessandra Ambrosio MILFtastic in Spandex

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bill-swift - November 24, 2016

I could watch Alessandra Ambrosio workout every day. I mean, I actually do do that. Somebody has to do all the Spandex wearing and hot mom body revealing workouts so the rest of us can sit and watch and eat popcorn and giggle on the inside. I believe that's the model nature intended. Why else invent La-Z-Boy recliners and portable computers?

Alessandra has committed her MILFtastic existence to daily workout routines, hydration, and lots and lots of Lycra. I'm not sure what else she really needs. Let the nannies watch the kids, you have a higher purpose. That tight Brazilian body doesn't just grow on trees. Though if it did, I'd spend the remaining amount of my personal fortune buying the seeds and planting them in my yard and waiting sleeplessly for them to grow. Finally, a reason to take up gardening. Keep up the workouts, Alessandra. I feel a cramp coming on. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash