Alessandra Ambrosio Is So Pregnant Hot, We Want To Get Her Pregnant Again

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bill-swift - March 28, 2012

Now, mind you, I didn't pay much attention during Sex Ed in school. I was too busy giggling at the word 'clitoris'. Probably why I still can't ever find that little sucker. But I do remember one basic rule, sadly in the case of Alessandra Ambrosio, another in the current lengthy line of hot moms to be -- you can't get a pregnant girl pregnant. I suppose this mostly applies to welled up desires to impregnate this already with-child super hottie. When these Victoria's Secret models get knocked up, some kind of magical fetishy transformation takes place, they start to glow and I start to make little feline like begging sounds that I wouldn't blame the neighbor for throwing a boot at my head for.

But just look at Alessandra in her motherly mini-dress pimping the new Phillips razor for keeping those preggo-legs smooth as satin. She's out of this world kind of hot. And, yes, she's about to experience the miracle of child birth once more, but I can't stop thinking about the miracle of the making of the child process with Alessandra, if but for a minute, or three if I'm thinking about baseball. Enjoy.