Alessandra Ambrosio Booty in Short Shorts Is Something to Drool Over

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bill-swift - April 30, 2014

Warm weather is upon us here in TInsel Town, which means all the girls who work so hard in yoga and Pilates will be soon showing off more than even usual in short skirts, tight shorts, little tops, basking in the glow of their gym sweat payoff. Alessandra Ambrosio is particularly dedicated to her workout routines. We've seen her stretching and working her legs and buttockals all winter long, an effort that has surely paid off as we ogle her now in short shorts at the Brentwood Country Mart, confidently knowing that her derriere is tighter than a washboard and ready for show.

Of course, Alessandra was born with some unnaturally blessed genes on her beauty balance sheet. But if you don't think she and these other sextastic celebrities aren't sweating and groaning to keep themselves in fine female form, you're kidding yourself. Hang on, I need a moment to pause on Alessandra Ambrosio sweating and groaning. Ah, yes, that is nice. Alessandra, I applaud your hard work. Applaud and maybe someday caress? To dream the impossible dream. Enjoy.

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