Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini MILFtastic Back Home in Brazil

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bill-swift - December 29, 2017

Never to be outdone by any of her Brazilian bikini model peers on her own home turf, the MILFtastic wonder that is Alessandra Ambrosio took to her homeland in the hottest of tiny motherly bikinis to stand tall and proud and passion inducing among the nation state that produces an inordinate number of world class bikini and lingerie models.

Remember that winter time up north is the height of summer in the most of Brazil, meaning you may be leaving the chilly latitudes, but you are heading home to the brightest of sun and pool and beach time exhibitionist time, meaning, everything must be good to go. Nay, great to go. Year round dedication to gym biking and aerobics and light lifting take care of what Mother Nature didn't already give you by way of a head start.

Alessandra ranks up there among the most libido stroking female mommy forms in the world. She's got competition constantly nipping at her heels. She's not a young kid anymore. She's a veteran hottie woman who shows no signs of slowing down. Good for her, better for us. Damn, that MILF is killing me softly. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News 

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