Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Hot Mama in Mykonos

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bill-swift - July 6, 2017

Mykonos is the place to be, the horny blogger declared after leering at the largesse of the Brazilian MILFtastic model Alessandra Ambrosio strutting the beach in her tiny hot mom bikini.

Alessandra carried herself as a woman should when she's fit and hot and a mom every boy wants to give him milk and cookies as she preened on the warm beach of the Greek isles in the July sun. Alessandra doesn't hit the gym daily merely for the love of the strain. She wants to provide the gentleman oglers with a worthwhile strain of their own by way of her fine female form. Add in some suntan lotion and a few bent over peekaboo shots and you have the makings of a perfect summer prurient visual.

Alessandra, please say this is just the start of your summer two piece touring plans. Obviously, you wear the bikinis when you're getting paid on camera. But we prefer the candids of your alluring anatomy. More, mommy, more. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid