Alessandra Ambrosio Big Chesty Show In Denim

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bill-swift - November 20, 2015

Alessandra Ambrosio isn't just that hot mom walking around Brentwood in her stretch pants hoisting her pressed juice and cellphone. She's also the mom working to pay the bills by way of her hot body in various stages of reveal by way of modeling shmata in magazines. Her latest being a big bold chesty MILFtastic show in Dafiti magazine.

Alessandra may have slightly touched up her teats. I can't say for sure, though I can say I'd like to use my own hands on approach to verification. She is simply one stellar hot symbol of all that is good and leggy and tingle inducing in this world. When she gets down to jean jackets and no bras and long appendage revealing outfits, I just want to make a donation to an important cause, mostly notably my own stress relief. That's not Elton John you hear blasting on the boombox, that's me becoming comfortable once more with a world in which Alessandra flaunts her fine female form on a daily basis. All the same, please make sure to knock before entering. I just might be holding my tiny dancer kind of close. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dafiti Magazine