Alessandra Ambrosio and Camilla Bell Headline the Cleavy Goodness at Beverly Hills Gala

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bill-swift - October 19, 2013

Maybe it's just that these gala committees think I'm not good enough to attend their events, or maybe they just fear I will be peeking my camera inside the tops of their invited female guests (granted, that latter concern seems reasonably valid), but I once again missed my invitation to another fancy formal event in Hollywood last night, the Annenberg Gala, where the girls came out decked to kill.

No two more so than Alessandra Ambrosio and Camilla Belle, a couple of world class hotties who add some deep cleavage to the gala mix. And, yeah, were I there I would be poking around with my camera among other poking things. Still, I'd just like one invite one of these days, if for no other reason than an excuse to bleach my Vans back to a more classy white. Enjoy.