Alessandra Ambrosio Pilates Pictures for the Sweaty Sextastic Win

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bill-swift - February 10, 2011

My spinning class instructor, R.J. Ripp, pulled me aside the other day to advise me that no matter how often I worked out, I'd never have a body like him. He said it was related to my inferior family genetics, which offended me at first, until I did a virtual mind's climb through my family tree and realized he was on to something. Still, I felt his comment was out of line, and I told him so. Then he kicked me in the bobo's and told me to try Pilates.

All of which leads me to somebody who's more finely blessed in the deoxyribonucleic acid department, Alessandra Ambrosio, who was captured candidly doing her own Pilates workout, and fashioning her fine-arse form into an even finer-arser form, because, even with great genes, you've got to sweat to make it all come together. Sometimes, I wonder if I mixed bio-codes with some super hottie like Alesssandra Ambrosio if the product of our electric forty seconds together would be some type of superior bred child with both good looks and the power to drink a twelve pack of Bud-Light without having to pee. There's only one way to find out. Enjoy.

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