Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures Bring the Sexy Back to Snorkeling

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bill-swift - August 2, 2010

I just ran through my Top 50 Things I'd Like to Do With Alessandra Ambrosio list and, nope, didn't find snorkeling anywhere (though the word 'cheese' appeared in five separate line items.) Let's face it, everybody looks like a dork when snorkeling. If you look hot when snorkeling, you're super hot to begin with. Like, say, sexy ridiculous Alessandra Ambrosio, who just last week put on a spectacular vision of bikini glory for a Victoria's Secret photoshoot, and this week offers up some bikini picture candids from a vacation in Hawaii over the weekend. And, yep, she looks hot even snorkeling. I think I may need to amend my Top 50 list, maybe insert snorkeling into line #37, as it's unlikely Alessandra would let me put a slice of Gouda there in the first place. Enjoy.

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