Alec Baldwin Not A Fan Of His Daughter’s Ass

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Sam Robeson - August 20, 2018


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The worst kind of rejection a daughter can receive is her father not being into her slutty knockoff Kardashian Insta ass. This is exactly the type of public humiliation fake model Ireland Baldwin recently faced when her father Alec Baldwin left a disapproving comment on a picture of her impregnating a motorcycle.

In 2007, when Ireland was only eleven, Alec called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig" in a leaked voicemail. Now he's slut-shaming her. But it's all very progressive because of his political affiliation. Ireland posted the motorcycle humping pic to her five bot followers with the caption:

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To which Alec replied:

No. Just…no.

I personally think it's weird when fathers comment on their daughters' bodies in any capacity, especially once the kids are grown adults. Even though this is being interpreted as an endearing and hilarious 8 Simple Rules-y "You're not going out in THAT, you little slut" fatherly quip, at the end of the day, Alec is sexualizing his daughter. And I think we all know how Paul felt about Bridget.

Anyway, Alec provides pithy insight on Saturday Night Live, so who am I to question his parenting. So he wouldn't fuck his daughter in this pic. Surely there's someone else out there to pick up the slack. Any takers? Ireland Baldwin? Anyone?



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