Alcohoot Turns Your Phone Into a Breathalyzer

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bill-swift - December 25, 2013

It might sound like an exaggeration, but breathalyzers might just save your life. As long as you take the readings to heart and not drive when your alcohol level is clearly over the limit, then you should live to see (and drink) another day. You can take a lot of things lightly, but drunk driving shouldn't be one of them because you'll be risking the lives of others as well as yours if you do decide to hit the road in your intoxicated state.

Not everyone can be bothered to carry a breathalyzer at all times. Since people do bring their phones wherever they went, then it makes sense to marry both and come up with something like the Alcohoot.

It's essentially an ultra-portable attachment that turns your smartphone into a breathalyzer. It plugs directly into the audio port on iOs and Android smartphones and tablets, turning the entire device into an alcohol analyzing machine in an instant. It's pricey at $119 but hey, if you need it (and party a lot), then why not?

Check It Out: Alcohoot

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