Alberte Valentine Booty Cheeks In White Lingerie

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bill-swift - June 30, 2015

Oh, C Heads magazine, you do tease with some of the finest girls on the planet. Including Danish delicious blonde Alberte Valentine, one fine au natural wonder of goodness in white lingerie with the hiney of a goddess. Seeing Alberte in various stages of undress around her abode makes me wonder if maybe she could come by my place some time and roll around my shoddy furnishings. Nothing re-upholsters and refurbishes old Ikea furniture quite like a wicked hot Scandinavian girl rolling her unclothed body around while a goofy dude in croc stares at her like the world just might end soon.

On the off chance you happen to like skinny light complected models hanging out in just their panties, you will fall hard for Alberte. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ruben Suarez For C Heads

C-Heads once got Xenia Deli into their studios and decided to paint her in black.

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