Alanis Morissette Deep Cleavage for Deep Reminiscing

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bill-swift - June 20, 2012

If you're like me, then you haven't had much alone private time thoughts about Alanis Morissette, but you used to, just admit it. And if you're like my postal carrier Sly Devins, then those thoughts go back to the green slime teen days for Alanis, but that's Sly's cross to carry.

Nevertheless, the now part-time singer/thespianic and full-time mom doesn't make it to these pages very often, but when the deep cleavage comes out to play, well, it's time for a little reminiscing on the sweet jagged little pill. I mean, what kind of oglers would we be if we short-changed any MILF baring a good deal of her udders in public? Not the kind I'm proud to see in the mirror, that's for sure. Enjoy.