Alan Rickman Stars In A Frightening Fairy Tale Short

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bill-swift - August 23, 2014

I love Alan Rickman. His turns in Die Hard, Galaxy Quest, Harry Potter, etc. are legendary. Even when the movie isn't any good, like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, he's always amazing. I wish Alan and I could hang out and terrorize a bar by singing showtunes and stuff. I don't know that he loves showtunes, I just have a feeling. I'm also a fan of fairy tales, not the Disneyfied versions, but the original dark works of folklore. They are creepy, weird, and often full of extreme violence. What if you can combine the two things into a short called Dust directed by Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell. It tells the tale of Alan Rickman stalking a little girl and her mother. Then while the mother is in the bath and the little girl is sleeping he...well...I won't give away the surprise.

It's creepy!

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