‘Aladdin’ Honest Trailer Leans Heavily into the Parkour, Much Like the Movie

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brian-mcgee - September 12, 2019


Thankfully my children are now old enough to not want to see every Disney movie that gets released, and I somehow managed to dodge seeing both Aladdin and The Lion King this summer. Many of you weren't as lucky, however, and had to sit through the live-action monstrosity of Aladdin, but now the good folks over at Screen Junkies have put together this Honest Trailer for the film that might turn some of those terrible memories into opportunities for laughter.

Disney's proclivity for churning out several of these live action adaptations of their classic animated movies is going to leave them hard up for material by 2021. Maybe they'll come up with some new scheme after that, like reanimating all of the live action movies with Pixar-like computer animation. I don't know how they're going to keep up and having now blown through all of the beloved Disney classics, one has to wonder if they're going to start doing lesser-known flicks like Brother Bear or The Black Cauldron.

Actually, they'll never do The Black Cauldron. They'll do a Song of the South remake before they do The Black Cauldron. Anyways, Aladdin, it looked terrible, it was terrible, and now you can laugh about it.