Presenting The Thrill of Victory With Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

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bill-swift - January 9, 2013

Alabama won their third BCS Championship in four years last night, steamrolling Notre Dame 42-14. The architect behind this new dynasty is of course head coach Nick Saban. Saban is famous for his icy exterior, his monotone press conferences and interviews and general blase attitude towards anything that isn't directly involved with coaching his team or winning football games.

There was no doubt who was going to win last night after the Crimson Tide went up 21-0 in the opening seconds of the second quarter. Obviously that's too early to get excited if you're playing or coaching. But what about when there's just a minute or so left? You'd think most coaches would crack a smile, knowing that months and months of hard work had paid off.

Not Saban, he barely showed any happiness, and even when he did, he looked pained in the process. Here's a collection of shots of Saban from the game and from today's press conference. You can almost tell his mind is racing about calling the next recruit or how he needs to prepare for Spring football practice. Congrats to Alabama, now get back to work, right coach?

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