Aimee Teegarden and Her Wet-Suited Boobtastic Urge You To Heal The Ocean

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bill-swift - May 15, 2012

Oh, I could explain the specific message young hottie chesty thespianic Aimee Teegarden is promoting on behalf of environmental group, Oceana. I could go into krill count detail, but with Aimee Teegarden in a wet and body-sticking wet suit and bikini bottoms riding a surfboard that surely must be creating its own sex wax, does it really matter? You are compelled by the power of hotness to do her bidding, resistance would be futile, and, if you were forced to stand up to resist, probably embarrassing as well at the moment. So, be kind to your seven seas.

We've missed Aimee Teegarden like a baby misses his pacifier. In fact, we miss her in very similar fashion. Enjoy.