Adrienne Maloof Nipples Are Happier Than She Is

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Lex Jurgen - June 4, 2013

Flashing your nipples in public used to be a surefire way for a 50-something woman to get her game on with younger men. It's like a 'Grand Slam breakfast still just $2.99' sign blinking in a Denny's window. Young guys love cheap eats. Rod Stewart's son Sean loves to talk about banging the much older Adrienne Maloof. Ask him for the time of day and he'll tell you how half-century old vagina tastes when mixed with Cristal. But Saturday night at the Chateau Marmonth he took off in a huff in the opposite direction of his haggard beloved's nipples. Maybe the pair had a spat. Maybe he finally saw her in bright light. Either way, he ditched. Forcing Adrienne to remind everyone around her that she's worth $50 million and she'll pay someone to end them if they don't stop staring at her.

Photo Credit: PCN, Splash

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