Adriana Lima Super Hot Modeling Bikinis

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bill-swift - June 8, 2016

Veteran V.S. Angel hottie Adriana Lima hasn't lost a step or an ounce of her uber-sextastic powers as senior queen bee of the Brazilian hot bodied swimsuit and lingerie modeling circuit. She really is the older sister to all the newcomers, and the smoking hot one at that. Adriana doesn't work as often these days as some of her a fe years younger peers, but mostly only because she doesn't have to and living in beach villas with champagne and oysters waiting for me to arrive for long nights of passion isn't such a shabby existence.

Take a peek at the pruriently hot latest work from Adriana in the swimsuit showoff kind of visual wonderments and see if her sultry come hither body isn't ordering you to come hither right into the screen. Her natural body temperature must be around 500 degrees Kelvin. She just seems like she's burn you if you got close to touching her. I'd take my chances. I love a good burn in the right place. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash