Adriana Lima Sells Bras, Flashes Her Butt, Makes Us Happy

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bill-swift - August 26, 2010

Adriana Lima can sell me bras. She could sell me on celibacy, you know, on the condition that we got to have lots of sex. Victoria's Secret is really going big guns selling these bras for little guns. The Incredible Bra, or Incredi-Bra, or, as I call it, The Big Disappointment on Reaching Second Base. Still, anything Victoria's Secret and Adriana Lima is going to be super hot by definition. And they delivered, Adriana and her cohort angels pimping lingerie, I love it, any day, everyday. Enjoy.

Seeing Adriana Lima's push for push-up tops reminds me that I'm madly in love with her amazing bottom, more so after seeing these candid pictures from her bikini-clad vacation that I just had to share with our beloved readers.

Photo credit: INF Photo