Adriana Lima Red Bikini Hotness In Greece

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michael-garcia - July 11, 2016

Oh, Adriana Lima, who is like unto you in sheer hotness? Very few. Especially when she wears skimpy red bikinis like she did in Greece. Adriana was lounging at the beach with not much cover-up. The front of the bikini top had a panel missing so the cleavage was intense and beautiful. Adriana, like a lot of women from her native Brazil, has a superlative pair of knockers. I don't know what the Portuguese word for "wow" is, but that's what people must have said to her growing up. She's simply gorgeous on a whole other level. But lets not forget those perfect buns she's sporting in the back. I would personally like to spend some time with that booty. I bet it is cushy and reactive like a memory foam mattress. You squeeze it and it immediately pops back into shape. It's not like some booties that react like a mound of silly putty when squeezed.

There is just a hint of sideboob when she lays down on the beach chair. That, my friends, is the stuff that makes life worth living. Keep bikining, Adriana. The world needs it. 


Photo Credit: Splash