Adriana Lima Leggy Photoshoot in New York

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aldo-vallon - April 24, 2018

I would be tempted to ride in taxis more often if they put women like Adriana on top of them. That might violate a few traffic laws and OSHA standards, but those are all things that can most likely be changed. It would be for the sake of saving a dying industry that will put thousands of people out of work. What kind of monster wouldn’t alter the rules to avoid that?

And I know that taxis and buses have had beautiful women plastered on them for years in advertisements, but I do not think that is the same thing. I can look at beautiful women in pictures anywhere. I wouldn’t consider it an incentive to get me to alter my habits or spend more money.

But if there was to be a go-go dancer on top of the cab then I would most assuredly hail it if for no other reason than to get a better look. A woman doesn’t wear tassels like that on her feet to not be noticed. She looks like a damn Clydesdale and those beautiful creatures get put in Super Bowl ads. I rest my case.




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Photo Credit: Backgrid