Adriana Lima Has Been Enhanced

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bill-swift - December 4, 2008

Here's Adriana Lima in some new ads for Victoria's Secret, and while Adriana Lima is ridiculously hot, she's not THAT hot. I mean, she is THAT hot, in the sense that if you ever met her in person your brain would melt and run down your pants, but she's not THAT hot in that she doesn't actually have size EEE breasts, like you'd think after seeing these Adriana Lima lingerie pictures.

No, I'd say 50% (at most) of what you're seeing here is actually Adriana Lima. The other 50% is a very padded bra, make-up, and tons of Photoshop. And even though I know all this, it still doesn't matter, cuz them's some sexy pictures, Photoshop or no.