Adriana Lima Gets Paid the Big Modeling Bucks For One Very Good Reason — She’s Hella Hot

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bill-swift - December 23, 2011

Hmm, let's see, so you want to be a world-class model, making big bucks, living the life, superstar sports boyfriends, condos in Paris and New York, fancy cars, and every fashion house in the world wanting you to wear their lingerie and apparel. Well, meet your competition.

Adriana Lima just about sets the bar for amazingly sextastic fashion photoshoots and pictorials. You think you got the chops to be a model, check out what sets Adriana Lima apart from almost the entire rest of the world. Not just her stunning sultry good looks, but the way she photographs, the unmistakable photogenic quality you either got or you don't, and Adriana has it in bunches. 

Check out both her above photo from the Donna Karan Spring collection and also her latest Victoria's Secret lingerie shoot and you'll be looking into the deep passion inducing eyes, and grade-A body, of a woman at the very top of her craft. Enjoy.

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