Adriana Lima Cleavy Hotness For Fragrance Foundation Awards

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bill-swift - June 10, 2016

I'm not sure where my invite to the Fragrance Foundation Awards went. Nobody loves a good aroma more than myself. My personal choice is the smell of desperately horn. Oh, yes, there is an odor. Adriana Lima clearly got her invite. She showed up something fierce in a low cut dress that reminded onlookers of the last thirty-nine fantasies they've had about Adriana Lima in just panties moaning about her special and insatiable needs for bodily satisfaction. That might just be me.

Adriana Lima is one of the original Brazilian hotties imported to work specifically for Victoria's Secret and make the world have many more babies than it used to. She's but thirty-four young years of age, but has been at this game of public seduction for some time now. I can't stop staring at her sextastic allure. Yes, I'll buy your celebrity perfume. If you're not selling one, let's go into the meadow and produce one together. Hint of lilac, touch of clover, yes that is my hand on your bottom while we're picking flowers. I thought that's how this works? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash