Adam Carolla doesn’t care about transgendered people

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editor - August 16, 2011

TMZ says that Adam Carolla went on a, "SHOCKING anti-LGBT tirade last week", and it must have been shocking or else they wouldn't have capitalized SHOCKING. Everyone brace yourself for the SHOCK-edness!

(Carolla said) "When did we start giving a sh*t about these [transgender] people?" -- and now GLAAD is doing everything they can to yank him from the podcast-universe.

I'm actually more shocked that GLAAD thinks it's ok to censor anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Adam recorded the rant as part of his podcast for "The Adam Carolla Show" -- insisting LGBT people should drop the acronym LGBT and start using "YUCK" instead.

Actually he didn't "insist" on that at all. He just said it would make more sense to rearrange "LGBT" to form a word, which is what an acronym is by the way, TMZ. It's a pronounceable word, like "NATO" or, um, "ABBA". "LGBT" is an initialism. Holy shit, do you know how sad it is when my dimwitted ass is correcting your grammar? I can barely even read.

And now, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is reaching out to its allies in the entertainment industry to pull him from the air -- telling TMZ, "The gross intolerance that [Adam] tries to pass off as comedy should not have a place on our airwaves."
Adam has a history of making anti-gay remarks on his podcast -- two years ago, Adam also claimed gay parents were "not as good as" straight parents.

In their press release, GLAAD also says Carolla is racist because he uses, "racist stereotypes, including the use of 'ching chong' to describe an impression of an Asian person", yet they didn't say a word when Rosie O'Donnell said the exact same thing on 'the View'. In fact they've given her their highest honor and she's one of their honorary co-chairs. So racist jokes appear to be fine with GLAAD as long as they're the ones who make them.

Look, I've listened to Carolla for a very long time. He's not homophobic or racist by any stretch. Here's an article written by his ex-assistant. Here's Adam saying gay people are "better than we are". Here's Aisha Tyler on twitter last night saying...

"...knowing him a l'il better than most, & loving my LGBTQs deeply, I can say that he is not a homophobe."

I'm paraphrasing but one time on Loveline Adam said something like, "Everyone I know makes incredibly homophobic, sexist, and racist jokes, but no one I know would ever actually discriminate against anyone, it would never even occur to them." These are just jokes. If you don't like it, fuck off. GLAAD doesn't get to decide what people laugh at. Besides, transgendered people are fucking weird. And Asian people DO say "ching chong". They say it all the time, what are you, fuckin deaf?

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